Monday, April 26, 2004

Geez, I didn't think I'd use this thing again so soon, but hell.

I just got off the phone with Sarah. She called me, for once. Her boyfriend Ryan is a real dick to her. She was in tears when she called. She wouldn't tell me what he did or said, but she was just crying. What the hell? She deserves better than that guy. He does this all the damned time. How the hell does a good kid like her end up with a waste of space like that guy?

Jesus, I'm pissed. I wish I could kick his ass. He's like three times my size. On the football team. I guess that's how she ended up with him. At a game or something. I remember her talking about it. He's like the school hero. Wonderful guy.... the fucking bastard.

She's my oldest friend. Sarah and I have been together since before I remember. My parents have a picture of us both in diapers, and she's trying to put a plastic train into her mouth and I am lying down next to her. I've known her since before that. Our mothers went to college together. Sarah is such a nice, sweet girl, and I hate to even hear her crying like that. God...

What the fuck can i do?

My friend randolph said I should write a blog about my life. Some of my friends do it, so I guess it seems like a good idea.

Hurray for following the crowd...

Is anyone I don't know going to read this? Doubtful. So I guess it doesn't matter, but anyways, my name is Hunter, I live in Vanston, CA, and I like pictures. Any type of pictures. Photos, film, paintings, rawings. I can't draw well, and I guess that means I can't paint well, but I do both. I also like taking photos.

I have a little brother, roger. He's a bit of a shit head sometimes, and he always messes with my stuff. He's family though.

My best friends are randolph, Sarah, Milton, and Robyn. Randolph's the only one online, though. I think he's trying to get robyn on too.


or am I just wasting my time?

Anyways, I've never had a diary before, and I guess this seems like an interesting thing to try out.


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